Top 5 Silent Grow Tent Fans

The CLOUDLINE T6 is a high-quality, quiet grow tent fan with a DC motor and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control. It includes an inline fan unit and controller and everything you need to plug it into an outlet. This model has a mixed flow design to keep dust and debris out and ensures optimal performance, even under high static pressure.

AC Infinity Cloudline S8

The AC Infinity Cloudline S8 is an EC-motor-powered inline duct fan designed to ventilate hydroponic grow rooms and boost heating/cooling throughout the room. It circulates fresh air and features a built-in EC motor for high static-pressure performance.

This grow tent fan has a two-inch thick sound-insulating foam, a steel body, and four vibration-reducing suspension springs. It produces 31 to 50 dBA depending on the speed and is available in multiple sizes and prices. In addition to the silent option, the AC Infinity Cloudline S8 also comes with a temperature and humidity controller.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, consider the AC Infinity Cloudline Lite A6. This grow tent fan comes with a 14-inch carbon filter, a wireless remote speed controller, and a power supply. It is also compatible with all of the Cloudline Series intelligent controllers.

This AC Infinity Cloudline S8 silent growth room fan has an EC motor that reduces fan noise by 50%. It comes with a power adapter and user manual for easy installation. It is a good choice for exhaust, and intake fans in small grow tents. It also supports a 3.5mm audio port and pulse-width modulation (PWM) control.

The AC Infinity Cloudline S8 silent grow-tent fan is a perfect choice if you are looking for a quiet option for your growing tent. It is equipped with a 4.9-foot cord and is designed to deliver over 200 CFM of air movement. Moreover, it is more affordable than many of the competing devices.

silent grow tent fans
silent grow tent fans

The AC Infinity Cloudline S8 silent grow-tent fan has a low noise level of 32 dB, making it a great choice for sensitive hearing. It is an excellent choice for a grow tent or hydroponic room. It is also equipped with a built-in humidity controller.

Spider Farmer 6” inline duct fan

If you’re looking for a silent grow tent fan, the Spider Farmer 6” inline ducted fan with speed controller may be just the ticket. This unit is durable and pulls 350 CFM while drawing only 50 watts. It’s also easy to program, making it an excellent choice for growing tents and other indoor environments. Its adjustable speeds make it ideal for different situations, and can even be used as a closet, bathroom, or kitchen fan.

The AC Infinity brand uses a different way of adjusting the fan’s speed and is more affordable than its competitors. The kits include a 6-inch fan, 8 feet of ducting, hangers, clamps, and a carbon filter. These kits come in two sizes: 4” and 6”.

The inline duct fan features a brushless EC motor with dual jet-type blades. It also uses 36 watts of power at maximum speed and features a thermostat-controlled, variable-speed controller. It can be controlled remotely using a wireless remote. It is also ETL-listed and comes with a two-year warranty.

To use the Spider Farmer 6” inline ducted fan for silent grow tent fans, you first need to install the ducting. After the tent is hung, the fan can be attached to the duct with hangers. Use zip ties that are long enough to wrap around the carbon filter. The carbon filter is optional but helps prevent odors from escaping the growing space.

If you’re looking for a silent grow tent fan, an inline duct fan with silencer boxes is an excellent option. The silencer boxes are constructed around the inline fan and keep the noise down. The boxes are usually outside the grow tent. Alternatively, you can DIY an inline fan silencer box using two-inch thick foam insulation panels. You can then secure the panels to the fan’s casing with gorilla tape. However, do not build your silencer box too tightly, or it will overheat.

TerraBloom ECMF-250-S

The TerraBloom ECMF-250-s silent grow tent fan provides powerful airflow while delivering high energy efficiency. It is available with wireless or programmable thermostat speed controllers. It also includes cold-rolled steel housing and supports popular PWM and 0-10V signal types.

silent grow tent fans
silent grow tent fans

It is also ETL-listed, conforms to UL standards 507, and is CSA-certified. This means it can be used in a commercial environment. Additionally, your business insurance may require you to use UL/ETL-certified appliances.

The ECMF-250-S silent grow-tent fan from TerraBloom is an excellent choice for commercial-grade grow operations. This model features a 0 to 100% speed control range, which makes it ideal for large commercial spaces. It also uses quite EC motors for better energy efficiency and a 40-75 percent decrease in energy consumption.

The ECMF-250-S silent grow-tent fan has a lifetime warranty, covering any manufacturing defects. In addition, it features a heavy-duty strain relief and three prongs grounded plug. Aside from being quiet, this fan can be used indoors.

iPower 190 CFM Ventilation Fan

This quiet and compact fan is perfect for any grow tent or greenhouse. Its high-quality blades and flow deflector improve airflow. It features removable intake and exhaust ends, which can be locked with locking tabs. The fan is 5.9 feet long and features a 3-speed controller.

The iPower 190 CFM silent grow-tent ventilation fan comes with a four-inch flange ducting and a 190 CFM inline duct ventilation fan. It also includes an air carbon filter containing a 50mm carbon layer.

Designed to be easy to install, this 4-inch 190 CFM ventilation fan features a corrosion-resistant wire helix and flame-resistant aluminum ducting. The fan’s power is 74W. A five-foot power cord is included. The unit comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The intelligent controller comes with temperature and humidity programming. It also has a timer and alarm system. This fan can be used as an intake, or exhaust fan in a grow tent or garage. It also works excellent for attic ventilation. Another feature of this fan is its compact size.

silent grow tent fans
silent grow tent fans

Comfort Zone CZ16W

Comfort Zone grow tent fans provide ventilation and air circulation in a grow tent. They also help reduce humidity and prevent the inhalation of harmful gases. Made by Comfort Zone, they have a high-quality reputation and are sold at some of the world’s most prominent retail outlets. Their fan designs are manufactured in the U.S. and China and meet or exceed international quality standards.

The CZ16W is a 16-inch wall-mounted fan with three speeds and adjustable tilt. It has a remote control and a metal safety grill for added safety. It is also quiet. It ships fully assembled and is ETL listed.

Another type of grow tent fan is the inline fan, which is installed within the duct system. This type of fan is usually installed with ducting, which reduces noise and can connect to an environmental controller. Inline grow tent fans can be either small table-top models or tower-style units. Some have additional features, such as an ionizer, to keep the air clean and prevent dust from flying around.

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