How to Make a Fidget Spinner Quieter

If your fidget spinner is noisy, you might need to replace the ball bearing. You can get replacements at most hardware and hobby stores. Then, you can spray silicone into the ball bearing to make a fidget spinner quieter. After it dries, you should try spinning the spinner to ensure the new bearing is in place.

Fidget spinner cubes

Fidget spinner cubes are made of high-quality plastic or ceramic and offer various surfaces to play with. One side contains a spinning disc with a joystick glide and a switch. The other side has a mini joystick that allows users to spin the fidget spinner more silently. These toys are trendy and can be found in a variety of colors.

Fidget spinners are popular with children and adults alike, as they help channel energy and calm nerves while helping kids focus and concentrate on something else. Depending on the child’s age, fidget spinners can make noise that can disturb others, but there are options for those with sensitivity to noise. Some parents even store them in the car with their children to help keep them occupied. They also provide a pleasant distraction during meetings or when kids feel nervous.

make a fidget spinner quieter
make a fidget spinner quieter

If you prefer to keep your fidget spinner quiet, you can buy one made of aluminum. These cubes have eight small pieces that can rotate. The cubes can be quieter than a regular fidget spinner, but they make a little noise while in use. This fidget spinner is better suited for desks and other areas of your home and can serve as a stylish decoration.

Fidget spinner cubes are an inexpensive way to get a fidget spinner that is also quieter. Most cubes are priced between $2 and $10, depending on what you want. Fidget spinner cubes are not only quieter but also have more options for fidgeting. This can help with fidget tendencies in adults, as well.

Fidget spinner cubes can also be a calming tool in the classroom. They are also great for mindful breathing exercises and are often included in a classroom calm-down kit. They can be used for kids and adults, and many people use them daily.

These cubes are made of 90-degree curves and can be reused for new fidgets. They can also be used one-handed, which makes them quieter. Another popular fidget toy is Tangle, which features a series of connected, curving pieces.

Elastic bands

Fidget spinners often require two pieces of metal or fabric to operate, making them noisy. Fortunately, there are ways to make them more silent. One way is to add elastic bands around the metal or fabric. Elastic bands help to prevent the spinning motion from making the surrounding noises.

Fidget toys are also great for relieving stress and anxiety. While they were initially designed for children with autism, fidgets have become famous for everyone who needs to increase concentration and reduce anxiety. They can also be helpful for people with ADHD and OCD.

make a fidget spinner quieter
make a fidget spinner quieter

Another way to make a fidget spinner quiet is to clean the bearings. The balls inside fidget spinners are often covered in dust, which can make them noisy. To clean these bearings, use rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. Afterward, test the spinner to see if it is quieter. If not, it may be time to replace the ball bearing.

One solution is to buy cheap elastic bands. These bands can be braided into loops to make the device quieter. These bands are elementary to make and can be found at most local craft stores. Even better, they’re cheap! Whether you’re looking for a quieter version of fidget spinners or a more portable option, a fidget band is an answer.


If you want your fidget spinner to be quieter, you should lubricate it with grease. The bearings in your spinner can get clogged with dirt, dust, and debris. Use a small amount of bearing grease to keep the bearings running smoothly. It is important to note that the grease will not make your spinner greasy.

Silicone spray

When fidget spinners get noisy, you can try applying silicone spray to the ball bearing to make them quieter. You can purchase silicone spray at most hardware or hobby stores. It can be used to lubricate many different surfaces, including fidget spinners. After applying silicone spray to the ball bearing, allow it to dry for a few minutes before using the spinner.

The silicone spray will help to make the spinning motion quieter. This will keep the noise from distracting others. The noise is the main reason fidget toys were taken out of class. However, it may be acceptable to use this toy for online learning.

make a fidget spinner quieter
make a fidget spinner quieter

Fidget spinners are not a good option for all children. They may cause a child to disrupt others or interfere with their ability to focus. Parents should limit their child’s use of a fidget spinner to places where structure and quietness are desired. However, fidget spinners can benefit students with attention deficit disorder or anxiety disorders.

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