Polycarbonate Sound Barrier

If you’re looking to acoustically isolate a room, a polycarbonate sound barrier is a great way to accomplish this. These barriers are available in several varieties and come in a variety of sizes and costs. Choosing the right one for your space will help ensure that you’re able to achieve the best noise reduction.

Exolon(r) polycarbonate sound barrier

The growing volume of traffic on our roads has led to a significant increase in noise pollution. Fortunately, there are soundwall options that can help mitigate the noise generated by vehicles. One of the best materials for reducing noise pollution is polycarbonate. This material can withstand the elements and is resistant to weathering and collision debris impact. It is also extremely durable and resists vandalism. It is also transparent, which makes it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Exolon(r) has a long history of producing and distributing Makrolon polycarbonate solid sheets. The company has a well-known brand and a long-standing reputation for quality and service. The company will continue to use the same manufacturing processes and safety regulations.

polycarbonate sound barrier
polycarbonate sound barrier

Whether it’s used to screen out noise or prevent noise pollution, Exolon (r) polycarbonate sheets combine outstanding impact resistance with UV stability. They are impervious to most physical attacks and are perfect for harsh environments, including security and custodial areas.

Plexiglas(r) sheet

A polycarbonate sound barrier can be used to control the level of noise within a space. This material has many advantages over glass. It has a better sound-absorbing capacity and is also more durable. Its STC ratings make it an excellent choice for reducing noise levels.

Unlike glass, a polycarbonate sound barrier is made entirely of acrylic material. This material has excellent impact resistance, is lightweight, and can be fabricated into many shapes. The material is extremely durable and is the standard choice for most national sound barrier projects. This barrier is available in different grades and optical qualities.

A polycarbonate sound barrier is an excellent choice for noise control in a home or office. The material is more durable than glass and is approximately half the weight of standard glass. The material is also highly flexible and has an impact resistance of 250 times higher than standard glass.

polycarbonate sound barrier

A soundproofing material should be at least 3/8 inch thick to ensure adequate sound absorption. This material is shatterproof and scratch-resistant. It will not deteriorate in sunlight and will withstand most impacts. If you have a window, you can use window-grade plexiglass.

A polycarbonate sheet is also lightweight and can be installed over any solid material, such as steel or aluminum. This allows for quicker installation, reducing the overall project cost. Another advantage of using polycarbonate sheet is that it doesn’t break the natural view. This means that residents will not be disturbed by the noise from nearby vehicles.

Exolon(r) acoustic sheet

Exolon(r) is a top-class solid polycarbonate sheet. Its high transparency and optical quality makes it the ideal choice for applications that require high visibility and clarity, including cockpits with 360-degree views and lightweight roof constructions. The solid sheet is also suitable for basic safety applications such as machine covers, including illuminated signs and display cases.

The Exolon Group has been manufacturing and distributing Makrolon polycarbonate multiwall sheets for decades. This product is trusted for its quality and has been widely used. The brand will continue to represent excellence in quality and service. The solid sheet range will be re-branded as Exolon(r) in 2021.

polycarbonate sound barrier

The Exolon Group has more than 40 years’ experience in the extrusion of thermoplastic sheets and offers products for industrial and construction applications. The group’s diverse product portfolio includes products for automotive, construction, visual communications, LED applications, and more. The company is based in Munich and has facilities throughout Europe.

Exolon(r) compact sheet

High-performance polycarbonate is an ideal material for sound barrier applications. It offers superior impact, abrasion and UV resistance, while being lightweight and easy to clean. Polycarbonate also contributes to a healthier lifestyle by reducing noise pollution. Using polycarbonate in sound barriers can help improve your home or office environment and prevent chronic hearing damage.

This versatile material is also available in transparent and opaque options. It is durable, lightweight, and is 200 times stronger than glass. In addition, it is coextruded with UV protection layers to ensure a long product life. It is available in a variety of colours, sheet sizes, and thicknesses.

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